Film Guide- Booksmart (2019)

Learning English with Film

High school students Amy and Molly think the only things that matter are working hard, getting good grades and looking out for each other. But suddenly, just before graduation, they realise that many of the kids they thought were only interested in partying were also being smart and dedicated to their studies. Frustrated at the thought of missing out they decide to dress up for one big party before graduation.

Booksmart is a “smart”coming of age movie that sets itself apart in the genre by having wholly formed characters at its centre. Avoiding the usual trope these kids aren’t stereotypes. They are just as messy and unpredictable as teenagers the world over trying to navigate the well worn path to adulthood. The movie provides a wealth of stimulus for conversations around friendship, growing up, school, sexuality,  embarrassing parents and making a leap into the great unknown