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ESL Film Guide Booksmart

ESL Film Guide–Booksmart

Booksmart is a “smart”coming of age movie that sets itself apart in the genre by having wholly formed characters at its centre. Avoiding the usual trope these kids aren’t stereotypes. They are just as messy and unpredictable as teenagers the world over trying to navigate the well worn path to adulthood.

ESL Film Guide–Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

ESL Film Guide–Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

One of the key reasons for using movies in ESL is to expose learners to comprehensive, authentic language on a regular basis. This is particularly important in countries where English language films and programmes have been dubbed with a soundtrack that is different from the original. But we also want to provide students with an […]

Learning English with Film

Learn English With Film

This series of blogs will provide details of how to incorporate feature length films in the classroom. Discover how to help your students learn English (or any language) with film.

Dr. Koos Winnips Interview

From November 2013 to August 2015 a group of teachers and support staff came together at the University of Groningen to experiment and

Magali Baudelet Interview

Magali Baudelet is head of the languages department at Oldenburg Volkshochschule. I spoke with Magali

Stefan Hicke Interview

In Spring 2017, Oldenburg Volkshochschule took part in a 12 week trail using Immersive English. On a beautiful sunny day in August, Frank visited Stefan Hicke

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Flipped Classroom Bremen